Jamaica St Catherine 502 (Cumberland Pen)

10th Apr 1837 | 267 Enslaved | £4775 17s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 285.

Award split: Madden £2528 10s 9d; McKenzie £994 3s 9d; Williams and Barnes £1253 2s 10d.

T71/852: McKenzie was a judgement creditor; William and Barnes were executors and trustees of the late Joseph Barnes; Maddan's claim is not identifiable.

T71/1606: S. Booker wrote from Liverpool dated 01/08/1835 asking for details of the return of slaves by Williams as executor and trustee of Joseph Barnes.

T71/1592 p. 191 and 193: letter to S. Booker re his filing counterclaim on behalf of Mr & Mrs Atkinson.

T71/1608: letter dated 21/11/1835 from Mrs H. Barnes, Barton Cottage, Dowlish [sic, Dawlish, Devon], widow of Joseph Barnes re this claim and Kingston claim no. 1836.  Mrs H. Barnes had counterclaimed for annuity for £400 Jamaica currency. Barnaby Madden counterclaimed as judgement creditor for £2692 10s 4d.

T71/1594: letter dated 24/04/1837 to Messrs Clayton & Cookson, notice of appeal by Mr W Trentch [probably Trutch].

Jamaica Almanacs of 1832 and 1833 lists Thomas Barnes as owner of Cumberland Pen, Halfway-Tree and Cedar Grove.

Jamaica Almanac of 1822 lists Joseph Barnes as owner of Cumberland with 321 enslaved persons.

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St Catherine
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Cumberland Pen

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