Jamaica St Andrew 284A (part) (Salisbury Plain)

10th Jul 1837 | 156 Enslaved | £2915 8s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 297.

T71/865: claim from Joseph Gordon, James Wallace and Eliza Kay, as trustees and executors of John Smith. Counterclaim from Lazenby Kay, for himself and his wife (Eliza Kay), as annuitant.

T71/1607: letter, dated 08/06/1837, from H. Pinckard, 1 Cheapside Place, Poultry, stating that H. Pinckard had acted under a letter of authority of James Wallace - 'At the recommendation of the Commissioners I entered into a compromise with Mr Beaumont to induce him to withdraw his Counterclaim'. H. Pinckard is 'entitled to be indemnified with Respect to that compromise'; 'I am also entitled to the remuneration agreed to by Wallace in 1835 on my obtaining an award for the claimants'. Mr Joseph Gordon, who is now in London, 'does not decry my right of remuneration'. This is a dispute about the control of the certificate between H. Pinckard and H. Kempshead, of 46 Lime St., (as agent for [?] Wallace).

T71/137 p. 301: Lazenby Kay registered 10 enslaved persons, as attorney to Eliza Kay.

Jamaica Almanac (1838): Salisbury Plain estate registered to John Smith (deceased).

T71/1594 p. 77: letter to H. Pinckard, 1 Chapel Place, and H. Kemshead, 46 Lime St., stating: obtain a power of attorney and the Court of Chancery can pay out.

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St Andrew
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284A (part)
Salisbury Plain

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