Jamaica Manchester 332 (Inglewood)

13th Jan 1843 | 26 Enslaved | £506 2s 5d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/860: claim by Margaret Duncan, as executor of Edward Neale. Alex. Stewart and Thomas Sweetland were administrators (unclear for whom).

T71/1606: letter from W.A. Blake, Uffingham (Uffenholme?), near Wellington, stating: 'my client the niece of the late Thos Bower...but very lately ...brought acquainted that there was any Claim on Neale's estate'. Letter, dated 05/09/1840, to W.A. Blake, near Wellington, Somerset, stating: the parties need to sort this out. Counterclaim apparently from James Daly, as executor to Thomas Bower (James Daly then died).

T71/73 p. 206: Margaret Duncan registered 27 enslaved persons in 1832.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Inglewood estate registered to the executors of Edward Neale.

Jamaica Almanac (1826): Inglewood estate registered to Edward Neale.

T71/1190: counterclaims from Arabella Neale, of Great Britain, a spinster, of 'London', and from Anna Maria Millward, of Great Britain. Thos. Bower, late of the City of Bristol, was assignee of John Tindall and Thomas Green, planters.

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