Jamaica St James 35 (Anchovy Bottom)

13th Mar 1837 | 206 Enslaved | £3722 9s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 306.

The award was split: £1464 14s 9d went to G. G. Barrett; £2257 14s 6d to went to Geo. Joad.

T71/873: claim by Henry Waite Plummer, of St James, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaims include the Assignees of Plummer and Wilson, and 'John Cobb, Hawkhurst, Assignee of a mortgage 3rd March 1814 £5250'. 'GGB Leamington Priors' (of Warwickshire) counterclaimed for arrears of an annuity of £1584 4s 11d and 'for hire of negroes indre 2 March 1813'. Geo. Joad counterclaimed as 'mortgagee indre 2 March 1813 £85,558 3s 21/2d'.

Jamaica Almanac (1828): Anchovy Bottom estate registered to Henry W. Plummer, with 252 enslaved persons.

Times 05/12/1828 p. 1: shows George Joad as a London merchant, acting as an agent from 10 George Yard, Lombard St., for ships to India.

Times 01/12/1838 p. 8: auction by order of executors of George Joad's marine residence at Walmer near Dover.

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St James
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Anchovy Bottom

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