Antigua 282 (Old Road)

9th May 1836 | 114 Enslaved | £1691 11s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309.


T71/877: claim from John Hoggard, executor of John Farr, attorney/owner-in-fee to Sir Wm. Young. Counterclaims from Eliza A. Farr, of Antigua, as the widow and relict of John Farr, for one-sixth of the compensation and for the compensation money for five enslaved persons (her own property previous to her marriage). Counterclaim from Joseph Liggins, of no. 37 Mincing Lane, London, judgement creditor, for £262 8s 3d.


T71/250: John Farr is listed as a proprietor and attorney in the 1832 Registration, purchasing 97 people from the executors of Sir William L. Young

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Old Road

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