Jamaica Westmoreland 686 (York Pen)

15th Apr 1840 | 146 Enslaved | £2603 10s 2d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/871: claim by J. V. Purrier, as receiver. Counterclaims include Edward Jeffries Esdaile and Henry Esdaile, as submortgagees of the securities on Carrickfoyle's enslaved persons and the 57 enslaved persons 'whose survivors are now on this estate granted in the mortgage deed of 16/02/1795 and assigned to counterclaimants'. The underlying obligation was £150,000 from Geo. Reid & Co.. Counterclaim from receiver in 'Lawrence vs Reid' , admitted for 46 of the enslaved persons of the Carrickfoyle gang.    


Jamaica Almanac (1840): the Esdailes owned Hazelymph in St James.


T71/871: transfer of £797 15s 7d by Accountant General under orders of the Colonial court on 15/04/1840; transfer of residue of £1805 14s 7d on 01/12/1842.

T71/1211 William Kent Thomas, former partner with John Vincent Purrier, lodged a counterclaim on Westmoreland no. 686. The firm had been appointed consignees and factors under the Chancery suits of Hedley v Hedley and Hibbert v Hedley in 1823, and as Receivers. He subsequently reduced the scope of the counterclaim.


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York Pen

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