Barbados 3078A & B (Thurban)

10th Apr 1837 | 67 Enslaved | £1033 13s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 326.


T71/898: claim by Jas R. Carter, owner-in-fee. Numerous counterclaims were made, including: counterclaim from John Reece, (T71/1593 p. 362, 04/01/1837, shows John Reece, of 3 Borthwick Terrace, Bath (Somerset)), England, as assignee of B. K. Reece, assignee of judgement & execution; counterclaim from Francis Hunte, of St Philip, assignee of Robert Hunte, executor of the late Francis Hunte, judgement creditor; counterclaim from Rev. James King West [=Went], of St George, Barbados, as executor of George Thorpe, assignee of judgement creditor. Letters of administration from F. Hunte to R. Hunte.

3078B: £444 11s 10d went to Rev. J. K. West [=Went], 09/04/1838.

T71/1306: a further £53 8s 4d went to William Murrell Howard, creditor, in 1838.

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3078A & B

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