Jamaica St David 135 (Windsor Forest)

17th Oct 1836 | 182 Enslaved | £3635 4s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 298.


T71/866: claim by Richard Kirkhead [=Kinkead], as trustee to the heirs of John Dawson. Counterclaim by George Harrison, as executor to Jonathan Harrison, assignee of a mortgage for £5070 17s 3d with interest from 30/04/1835.


T71/1593: shows efforts by Edward Hull, collector of customs, Falmouth, to launch a counterclaim.


T71/144 p. 249: enslaved persons registered in 1832 by Richard Kirkhead, as trustee.


A Jonathan Harrison was in partnership with Joseph Timperon until 1801, and then with Timperon and William Peatt Litt and has been inferred to have been the Jonathan Harrison of this award (see references in St Mary claim no. 310 and Trelawny claim no. 170).

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St David
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Windsor Forest

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Beneficiary deceased (Assignee)
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