Jamaica St Andrew 446 (Retreat Pen)

18th Jan 1836 | 127 Enslaved | £3041 17s 4d

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Claim Notes

Parliamentary Papers p. 45.

T71/865: claim by William Mattocks, of St Andrew, as owner-in-fee. 'Certificate of burial of William Mattocks produced and filed - office copy will and letters testamentary in favour of B.I. Williams produced'.

T71/1607: letter, dated 26/11/1839, from George Wilson, stating: 'A Mr Wm Mattocks residing near Kirkby Lonsdale in Westmorland (Cumbria) some time since received a considerable sum of money at your office in respect of slaves in Jamaica which had belonged to his relative William Mattocks'. He has lost the Jamaica probate he brought with him from the country and aks: do you have it? Letter, dated 27/08/1835, from William Mattocks, Mansergh High near Kirkby, Lonsdale, stating: I have agreed with Bartholomew Ibbott Williams for me to collect the money for my uncle's slaves.

T71/1592 p. 219: letter to Wm. Mattocks, stating that a claim and returns have been filed in Jamaica, but in the name of Wm. Mattocks: 'it is presumably the Testator under whose will you claim as residuary devisee'. Ibid. p. 221: informs Wm. Mattocks that he needs a letter from the executor to enable him to collect the money.

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St Andrew
Claim No.
Retreat Pen
Collected by
Mattocks, Wm.

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Deceased claimant successful (Owner-in-fee)
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