Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey 476 (New Monkland)

18th Jan 1836 | 227 Enslaved | £4537 14s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 50.

T71/867: awarded to Robert Paterson, St Thomas-in-the-East, owner-in-fee.

T71/1593 p. 280: certificates went to Freshfields on 06/10/1836.

T71/1608: letters dated 03/10/1836 and 13/10/1836 from John Telfer, Airdrie, Scotland, contesting this award plus St Thomas-in-the-East claim no. 548 and St David claim no. 146. John Telfer states that James Paterson had been sent out as factor to manage estates and had filed no accounts. 'A good dale [sic] of intrigue has been used ever since to prevent him entering into possession.' Matthew Adam was conscripted by John Telfer; a letter dated 21/11/1844 identifies Robert Paterson as 'of Glasgow'.

T71/1593 p. 390: letter dated 08/02/1837 to Andrew Robb, Leadhills, Lanarks, Scotland stating that Robb says he has 'certain claims' against  a person called Telfer.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): estate owned by the heirs of John Telfer.

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St Thomas-in-the-East, Surrey
Claim No.
New Monkland
Collected by
Gladstone, Robertson

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