Jamaica St James 37 (Anchovy Bottom Estate)

19th Oct 1835 | 26 Enslaved | £528 19s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 70.

T71/873: claim by Richard Barrett, as 'Atty to Eliz Barrett Williams'. Counterclaim from George Goodin Barrett, as devisee under the will of Eliz. Barrett Williams.

R.A. Barrett, The Barretts of Jamaica: The Family of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Athlone, Continuum International Publishing Group, 2000) p. 190: refers to George Goodin Barrett, Capt. 14th Dragoons and St Ann Assembly member 1849-54. George Goodin Barrett was the son of Samuel Barrett and Elizabeth Barrett Waite (she died in Leamington 1834). She was widow of Martin Williams when she 'married' Samuel Barrett. Ibid. p. 29: Anchovy Bottom was bought by Samuel Barrett in 1794. Ibid. p. 38: shows an annuity in favour of E.B. Waite. Ibid. p. 91: the annuity was of £357 2s 10d per half year. Since 02/10/1830, £3214 5s 6d was due against £1733 s 11d paid, plus sum of £1050 for 'Negro hire'. Ibid. pp. 90-91: will of E.B. Waite. The executors were George and Edward Barrett Moulton Barrett . Ibid. p. 30: E.B. Waite had supposedly not acknowledged her clandestine marriage to Samuel Barrett so as not to lose her dower. Ibid. pp.132 & 190: George Goodin Barrett's children were born in Leamington (e.g. 1833) but George Goodin Barrett was back in Jamaica in the 1840s.

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St James
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Anchovy Bottom Estate
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Cook, Geo Simmons of LeBlanc, Oliver, Cook

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