Jamaica St Andrew 336 (Cedar Valley)

21st Dec 1835 | 182 Enslaved | £3855 11s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 44.

T71/865: claim from Thomas Cowan, of Great Britain. Counterclaim from John Bond and Henry Pearse, as mortgagees in fee for £5000 and upwards, dated 18/11/1833. Thomas Cowan admitted the counterclaim on 02/10/1835. Awarded to John Bond and Henry Pearse. Letter, dated 22/09/1835, from Malcolm Cowan, 131 Princes St., Edinburgh (Scotland) re. valuation of enslaved persons at £10240: 'am I to receive the same amount of compensation (as neighbouring properties)?'.

T71/1592: letter, dated 08/06/1835, from the Commissioners of Compensation to Malcolm Cowan, sending a copy of the claim and return of Capt. Thomas Cowan, of Cedar valley.

T71/1602: letter, dated 09/12/1833, re. Malcolm Cowan's question as to whether a mortgagee gets all the compensation, or whether the interest of all parties are pro-rated.

Jamaica Almanacs (1826-1833): estate registered to Thomas Cowan.

Jamaica Almanac (1824): estate registered to James Dickson.

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St Andrew
Claim No.
Cedar Valley
Collected by
Bond, J and Pearse, H.

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