Jamaica Clarendon 343

26th Jun 1837 | 8 Enslaved | £176 3s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 292.

Award split: £47 19s 5d to A.H. Beaumont; £128 4s 1d to Howell.

T71/1606: long letter from Beaumont dated 10/02/1836 explaining why in case where no claim was duly filed it was impossible for a counterclaim to be lodged. 'I cannot conceal from myself the fact that my being concerned in so many counterclaims places me in rather an invidious situation before the Commissioners but perhaps they willconsider that the hardship is rather on me who am kept out of the enjoyment of the money which is due me by so many persons and the justice of my claim to which is established by the court of justice.' Eg claim v Edward Panton a barrister: why does he not pay me as executor on a creditor judgment, and then I could not sustain a counterclaim. 'I am anxious not to appear litigious nor vexatious to the Commissioners..I could state to the Commissioners the very extraordinary causes [mostly political] which have made me a plaintiff in so many judgements would it not be irrelevant and however they may be pleased to think, I feel that the enforcement of these small demands is the most painful duty in which I was ever engaged, but I cannot consent to please the planters of Jamaica by yielding to them my rights as an atonement for proposing in the legislative assembly the aboliton of flogging for women.' 'All this statement is beside the consideration of my counterclaims LEGALLY, but I have a right to remove the MORAL obloquy which my proceedings if unexplained might subject me to.'

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