Jamaica St Mary 13 (Bellfield Estate)

27th Jul 1838 | 113 Enslaved | £2261 0s 2d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/856: awarded to Alexander Barclay and Jasper Hall Livingston, Receivers in Lynch v Lynch. Counterclaim from Thomas Forrest, tenant in tail in possession, Dinan, France.

T71/1606: letter from Thos Porrett Hayes dated 30/07/1835, Bedford Sq, as agent for Thomas Forrest, alludes to 135 negroes claimed by Edward Hyde East and a further 113 on the same estate belonging to Thomas Forrest. Thomas Porrett Hayes was a London solicitor.

See also St Mary claim no. 11.

Jamaica Almanacs: estate in the ownership of Livingston & Welch as receivers (1824), JA Jasper Hall Livingston as receiver (1828-1833), Cecilia Lynch (1822), Patrick Lynch (1815).

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St Mary
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Bellfield Estate

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