Jamaica Vere 122A & B (Raymond's)

29th Feb 1836 | 222 Enslaved | £4346 4s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 291.

Parliamentary Papers shows 122A and 222B.

The award was split -

122A: one-third (i.e. £1448 14s 8d) went to Philip Henry Earl Stanhope.

122B (shown as 222B): two-thirds (i.e. £2897 9s 5d) went to J. Brooks Yates.

T71/858: claim by 'The Heirs of Richard Crewe deceased as owner'. Counterclaim from J. Brooks Yates by his attorney Wm. Wemyss Anderson, 'as surviving and continuing trustee of 1000 years and mortgagee of two undivided thirds of the Reversion in fee £6840 12 71/2d'. 14/01/1836: 'Lieut Col John T. (= F.) Crewe admits that Earl of Stanhope and Abel Smith who are stated to have filed a counterclaim as Trustees of his marriage settlement are entitled to receive the undivided third share, and a note stating that JBY admits the same'.

Jamaica Almanac (1811): Raymond's estate registered to Richard Crewe.

T71/1185: counterclaim by J. Brooks Yates versus Richard Crewe, John Frederick Crewe and the Rev. Willoughby Crewe.

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122A & B

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