Barbados 3784 (Drax Hall)

16th May 1836 | 189 Enslaved | £4293 12s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 193.


T71/898: claim from  John Samuel Wanley Sawbridge Erle Drax, in right of his wife.


T71/557 p. 207: enslaved persons were registered in 1834 by Forster Clarke, as the attorney to B. (J. ?) S. W. Sawbridge Erle Drax.


John Habakkuk, Marriage, debt and the estate system (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1994) p. 455: the author refers to the Drax family as an example of planters acquiring English estates by a combination of marriage and purchase, stating: 'Col. Henry Drax was looking for an estate of £10,000 p.a. in the 1690s and he bought Ellerton Abbey near Selby, Yorkshire, in the North Riding. His son Henry Drax (d. 1755) married an heiress, the only daughter of Sir Henry Ernle and grand-daughter of Sir Thomas Erle of Charborough, Dorset, which became the Drax family seat. In 1768, the family had estates in Lincolnshire (their original home), Dorset, Wiltshire, Yorkshire, and Barbados'. In fact, Henry Drax (d. 1755) was the son of Thomas Drax ne Shatterden, and Col. Drax was the uncle of Thomas Drax ne Shattreden.

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Drax Hall
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Drummond, Andrew Robert atty

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