Jamaica Trelawny 127 (Stone Henge Estate)

30th May 1836 | 155 Enslaved | £3236 2s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 307.

T71/874: claim from Robert Stoney, as owner-in-fee and as the executor of James Vernon. Counterclaim from Wm. Vaughan, of Fenchurch St., London, by virtue of an assignment dated 26/02/1816.

T71/1608: letter, dated 28/11/1835, from Wm. Vaughn, of Fenchurch St., re. counterclaims by the creditors of Jas. Vernon (who died in 1832), whose title to negroes was inherited from his father, 'and to which he could have no claims while the debts of his father remained unpaid'. Wm. Vaughn's claim dated from 1816, under a judgement admitted and granted by Jos. Stoney the younger, from whom Dr Vernon (the father) had purchased the estate. Letter, dated 25/05/1836, from Wm. Vaughn, stating: I hold a power of attorney from Mr Stoney; I want the award in stock. Document attached listing enclosures, including an assignment by Rev. Robert Stoney, the executor of James Vernon, to Wm. Vaughan.

T71/242: Robert Stoney registered 4 enslaved persons in 1832.

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Stone Henge Estate

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