Jamaica Vere 7 (Milk River and Vigas Plantation)

31st Oct 1836 | 34 Enslaved | £670 0s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 291.

The award was split: £335 0s 4d went to James McLean, 31/10/1836; £335 0s 5d went to B. Ibbott Williams, 23/01/1837.

T71/858: claim from James McLean, of Scotland, as owner for 1/2; and Alex. McLean, as owner-in-fee of 1/6th and 1/12th. Counterclaims (all against Alex. McLean) included B. Ibbott Williams, as assignee of the insolvent estate of R.B. Muirhead, a judgement creditor.

T71/1594 p. 27: letter, dated 06/04/1837, to John S. Williams, stating: the award made to B. Ibbott Williams and delivered to you was for B. Ibbott Williams for one moiety as judgement creditor, but the claimants of 3/4 of that moiety are not the children of Donald Maclean, but of Isobel Harvey. Please give back the compensation. Letter, dated 10/04/1837, to John S. Williams, stating: thank you for your letter, pay it to George Hyde.

T71/1606: letter, dated 10/05/1836, from W. Manson, a writer [to the signet], stating: the estate was owned by Mr John Swanson, who died 25 years ago. The estate devolved to two nieces in this country, managed by one of their sons, John Macllean, who went out to Jamaica and died about 18 years ago. Since then the estate has been under the management of Alexander Maclean; no accounts of his management have ever been obtained. Two years ago a power of attorney was sent to Wm. Miller, 'but as Mr Miller informed that he intended leaving that country for Britain', his clients (Mrs Maclean (of Thurso, Scotland - see T71/1593 p. 192 16/05/1836) and Mrs Sutherland Leith) are concerned that Alexander Maclean will claim the compensation. Letter, dated 30/01/1843, from John Todd, 13 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, stating: the brother of John or Jonathan Swanson of the Rigass [?] estate has just become aware that a sum was due him from the Slave Compensation Fund; he had heard that distant relatives had made an application.

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Milk River and Vigas Plantation

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