Jamaica St Thomas-in-the-Vale 132 (Peartree Grove)

4th May 1838 | 173 Enslaved | £3244 7s 1d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/855: awarded to George Wright, receiver. Multiple counterclaimants as annuitants and under marriage settlements, all flowing from the will of Charles Jones (q.v.).

Counterclaims from Emanuel Martinez [=Martinij] and wife Jane for Jane's annuity; Maria Elizabeth Edwards, annuitant (both under will of Charles Jones); then 3 sets of trustees for wedding settlements for 1/5th each: Robert Richards and Henry Samuel Boas [?] for Mr and Mrs Broad; Thomas Rossiter and Wm R Broad for Mr and Mrs Watt; Robert Loosemore and Thos Poyntz Wright for Mr and Mrs Forwood; George Augustus Brown trustee for 1/5th value; Jackson Barwise for himself and his co-trustee Tristram Walrond Whitter; and Maria Delauncey for herself and infant children, an equitable estate for life, and an equitable estate in reversion for her children, on 1/5th by marriage articles. These 1/5th interests were all to the daughters of Thomas Rossiter and his deceased wife Elizabeth Sophia nee Jones, the daughter of Charles Jones.

T71/1606: letter dated 24/08/1835 from Jackson Barwise, 16 Blackman [?] Street, Boro stating they understand the Commissioners have an application from Mrs Delauncy for compensation on Pear Tree Grove & Retreat estates in St Mary [sic] in which she has a part interest. 'Any such payment will not be valid'. T.W. Whitter and Barwise were trustees under her marriage settlement, 'the money must be at our disposal for the benefit of her children and not for hers.'


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St Thomas-in-the-Vale
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Peartree Grove

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