Jamaica St George 250 (Craig Mill)

7th Mar 1836 | 58 Enslaved | £1120 6s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 54.

T71/869: claim from William Wemyss Anderson, of Kingston, as trustee for Wm. Robertson and Frances Wildman. Second claim from Wm. Robertson, as mortgagee ('afterwards withdrawn'). Counterclaim, dated 14/08/1835: 'The Said WWA insists that the 2d claim be withdrawn'.  

Times 11/12/1824 p. 4: sale of mortgage of £8000 debt to James Wildman, secured on Craig's Mill estate, subject to an annuity for £150 for the life of a lady aged about 42.

Jamaica Almanacs (1815-18): Craig Mill estate registered to George Oliver.

Jamaica Almanac (1831): Craig Mill estate registered to W. Robertson (possibly owned c. 1819-1830 by Robertson & Spicer True Blue?).

Jamaica Almanacs (1832 & 1833): Craig Mill estate registered to W. Robertson.

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St George
Claim No.
Craig Mill
Collected by
Lake, John

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