St Kitts 333 (Cunynghams)

24th Oct 1836 | 119 Enslaved | £1978 5s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 310.


T71/879: claim by Anthony Cunnyngham. Counterclaims from: three Pearce Hall spinsters, residing at (Richmond Terrace Clifton) near Bristol; Henrietta Susan Faille, of Lille, (Anthony Cunnyngham's sister); the Smiths, as bankers. J. W. Freshfield and John Beadnell were trustees for Messrs. Smith, Payne and Smith.


Pearce Hall memorial, 19/06/1834: we have two several charges in right of our mother Mrs Elizabeth Philadelphia, Pearce Hall, in the estate called Cayon of Anthony Cunnyngham Esq., the claim dating from the will of Robert Cunnyngham, of 1761, bequeathing £2000 to his sister E. P. P. Hall and any children of hers living at her death, and £2000 to another sister Henrietta Knight. He left the estate to his brother Anthony Cunnyngham, trustees  (Dr Irwin, of St Kitts, and John Woodhouse, of Bridewell Hospital), their heirs, executors and administrators, and the £2000 legacies to be paid as soon as debts and encumbrances on the estate are reduced to £2000. John Knight, husband of Henrietta, having £5000 charge on Cunnyngham's Spring (?) estate, offered to make over his wife's legacy on Cayon to E. P. P. Hall in exchange for £3500, which was charged for E.P.P. Hall on the Spring (?) estate. According to the wording of Robert Cunnyngham's will, two sisters only had life interest, they could not receive legacies until each of the children of both was over 21, when the transfer of Henrietta Knight's was completed and the interest paid to E. P. P. Hall during her life, and her children have continued to receive it with an interruption of about 5 years.

On the other £2000, E.P.P. Hall, together with her husband Charles Pearce Hall, disposed of their life interest to a Mr John Swale, a merchant of London in 1787, who received interest thereon (they presume) until 1815, when E.P.P. Hall died. E.P.P. Hall's children have not recevied any interest on this claim (which descended to them) for the past 19 years. £6000 was claimed, prior to any other claims, as a legacy to E.P.P. Hall; this preceded the birth of the present proprietor of the estate.


T71/1592, 24/06/1834: counterclaim responded with a copy of the rules.


T71/1609: letter, dated 12/10/1836, from Jarvis and Smith, stating that they are surprised that you disposed of this by appropriating £1556 5s to Messrs Smith, Payne and Smith and £500 to the Misses Hall. Anthony Pogson had been acting for Mr Cunnyngham up to day of his death in August last, and was negotiating with Smith, Payne and Smith and the Misses Hall. We were waiting for instructions, now we find it's awarded.   


T71/1593 pp. 293-4: letter, dated, 14/10/1836, from the Court of Chancery to Jarvis and Smith, Chancery Lane, defending its processes.


Caribbeana Vol. V p. 176: the will of E.P.P. Hall, of St James, Bristol.


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