Jamaica Manchester 165 (part) (Spur Tree)

30th Nov -0001 | 388 Enslaved | £191 3s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 294. The estate name has been derived from the Chancery documents referred to below, not from the compensation records themselves. 

T71/860: claim by Samuel Carson, as receiver in Swaby versus Swaby. The compensation shown in the details of the award is almost certainly that of John Allan (see below). A further £8078 12s 1d was paid into the Court of Chancery, in Morrice and others versus Oxley and others, dated 27/04/1840. 

T71/1606: letter, dated 22/08/1836, from Henry Pinckard, 78 Gt. Russell Buildings, re. this claim, stating that a part is to be paid to John Allan for 10 apprentices.

The £8078 12s 1d compensation held over for the Chancery suit of Morrice v Oxley was the subject of a settlement in December 1841 by which the proceeds of the consols was distributed among the legatees of the will of John Swaby (1758-1825) (q.v.), principally his daughter Marie Antoinette Moyle with the balance divided among other grandchildren, Treasury Solicitor’s Papers re Morrice v Oxley: TS 11/679/2156; Report dated 29 July 1841 of Chancery Master John Edmund Dowdswell in Morrice v Oxley (C 38/1791); Report of Chancery Master J.W. Farrar dated 22 December 1841 (C 38/1791) and Commissioners for Sale of Incumbered Estates in the West Indies (CO 441/4/7).

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