Jamaica St David 103 (Aeolus Valley Estate)

30th Nov -0001 | 253 Enslaved | £4996 10s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 298.


T71/866: claim from George Wright, as receiver in Chancery in the cause of Pinnock vs Patterson. Either the residual amount or the full amount was paid to Richard Steele, as mortgagee, on 27/05/1845.


T71/1607: letter, dated 26/11/1839, from Geo. Rose Inness, for the representatives of Elizabeth Paterson, stating that the estate had been owned by John Paterson, who charged an annuity of £100 per annum to his sister Elizabeth Paterson while she remained single, and then £2000 on marriage. Wm. Paterson succeeded to the estate, but did not pay sums to Elizabeth Paterson. [This John Paterson was presumably the man shown as attorney to Charles Spooner on the Aeolus Valley estate 1762-1769: he must have died in the mid-1780s, since the estate was shown under Wiliam Paterson from 1787 onwards]. Letter, dated 22/01/1842, from John Wilson, McDonald Coffee Rooms, 40 Broad St., Aberdeen, Scotland, stating: my mother Helen Todd or Wilson and her two sisters Margaret Todd or Lawson and Euphemia Todd or Mowat have claims on the estate. All are nieces of John Paterson, with legacies on the estate. Letter, dated 09/07/1844, from Chas. Rivington, agreeing for Mr Steele to postpone the hearing, but only for 10 days.

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St David
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Aeolus Valley Estate

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