Jamaica St Mary 119 (Rock River)

30th Nov -0001 | 92 Enslaved | £1673 10s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 288.

T71/856: awarded to James Forsyth, Receiver.

T71/1592: letter to C. Martyn, Galway, on process re claim on Rock River St Mary and Chancery.

T71/1606: letter dated 18/06/1838 from Reid Irving asking if any payment has been made on this estate and Knockpatrick, 'which belong to heirs of J. Kellikelly.'

T71/1606: indignant letter from C. Martyn, Galway, dated 26/06/1835: 'the barefaced attempt of Mr Martyn [?] to DEPRIVE US OF ALL'. There was, he said, no 1824 case of Molony v Catenach: there was in 1814, and it was determined in 1819 that in favour of Molony above £5000. 1833 Parties forwarded a power of attorney to Forsyth, but after nine months silence, replaced Forsyth with Stephen Hannaford; Hannaford also delayed, 'I am of opinion that he is in collusion with Mr Forsyth'. Petition from C.Martyn and 12 others dated 02/04/1834 about the children and grandchild of late Mrs Molony and Mrs Egan 'who died in Ireland possessed of land and slaves in Jamaica', advancing evidence of 'peculation and plunder'; 'your Petitioners are all poor and unable to prosecute such enquiry'. C. Martyn was the husband of Catherine Molony. Heavy correspondence from Martyn.

T71/1593: letter dated 23/01/1837 to C. Martyn, Galway.

T71/1592 letter to Mrs Sarah Jessop, Graigy [?] Abbey, Athey, Galway, re Rock River: where there is a chancery case, money will be paid into court.

The number of enslaved people in the almanac entries indicate this is Rock River and Knockpatrick estates rather than just Rock River.

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St Mary
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Rock River

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