Montserrat 252 (Old Road Estate)

18th Jul 1836 | 58 Enslaved | £940 10s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 320.

Kirwan versus Kirwan.

T71/888: claim by E. Kirwan, as executrix of Clement Kirwan. Counterclaim from Jane Kirwan, of Brighton. Paid to E. Kirwan on 13/08/1838.

Times 07/05/1834 p. 7: account of Kirwan versus Kirwan in the court of exchequer: Jane Kirwan, the administratrix of the late Anthony Kirwan, claimed versus Clement, Matthew and Nicholas Kirwan, West Indian merchants. Anthony Kirwan had lent £12,000 to his brothers, they had successively left the partnership. The dispute was as to whether the brothers or the continuing firm was liable, and was found in favour of Jane Kirwan.  

Times 18/04/1839 p. 6: report on Kirwan versus Kirwan in Court of Rolls, Jane Kirwan as administratrix of Anthony Kirwan her husband against Elizabeth Kirwan.

See also Times 18/04/1839 p 6.

See also Montserrat claim nos. 55 and 206.

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Old Road Estate

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