Nevis 42 ([none given])

15th Feb 1836 | 115 Enslaved | £2018 0s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 107.

T71/828: claim by Wm. Maynard, owner-in-fee. Counterclaims from (1) George Lackington, of the City of London, as official assignee of Messrs. Shipley Williams Wilson & Samuel Bosanquet, James Hughes Anderdon, Charles Franks and James Whatman Bosanquet, of the City of London (bankers), assignees beneficially interested under a judgement for £12384 16s 1d (2) John Morris & James Morgan, assignees of Geo. Lackington, of Basinghall St., official assignee of Roger Hesketh Fleetwood Williams & Mayson Wilson (bankrupts), for a lien by judgement for £15635 8s 8d, with an amount still due of £4051 19s 5d plus interest.

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[none given]
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Forbes, John Hopton

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