St Kitts 623 (Verchilds)

18th Dec 1837 | 57 Enslaved | £880 6s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 311.

T71/879: Horatio Adlam etc. were trustees for Gertrude Rawlins and others. Counterclaims from D. A. B. Dewar, as trustee; Ann Mackenzie, of the City of Bath (Somerset), and Clifton Wintringham Loscombe, of Pickwick house, Corsham, Wiltshire, in right of himself or his wife, under a mortgage in fee for £8000. The compensation amount was £2567 14s 2d: £880 6s 4d was paid for 57 enslaved persons; the remainder for 102 enslaved persons (£1687 7s 10d) went to the colonial court.

T71/1609: petition of Clifton Wintringham Loscombe, of Pickwick house in the county of Wilts, stating: Loscombe and Anne Mackenzie, of Bath (Somerset), a widow, were joint mortgagees. The deed had been lost, (he now has extracts), the orignal estate broke up and claims are in different parcels. Clifton Wintringham Loscombe married Maria Frances Rawlins, and as such is an executor of Henry Brotherton Rawlins and legatee of Joseph Rawlins.

T71/1294: costs were awarded versus Ann Mackenzie, a widow, and Clifton Wintringham Loscombe on 14/12/1837.

Caribbeana Vol. VI p 152: includes the will of Henry Brotherson Rawlins, Calcutta, May 4th 1817, which states: 'My sister Maria Loscombe a box of ornaments and to C.W.Loscombe my silver teapot.' All else went to his daughter. Marian is now at an Orphans School and a son is living with me but not yet christened. The will was proved by Clifton Wintringham Loscombe, 03/10/1818.

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