St Kitts 206 (Priddies Mornes (?))

23rd Jan 1836 | 119 Enslaved | £2004 7s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 310.


T71/879: claim by Reid and Dixon. James William Freshfield junior counterclaimed for himself and his co-trustee Chas. Bosanquet, as mortgagees in trust for £20,000. Admitted.


See also St Kitts claim nos. 336 and 724.


This is Jeremiah Harman, the ex-Governor of the Bank of England, a different individual from Jeremiah Harman (ID 22518). See also St Kitts claim no. 336.


T71/1224: letter, dated 16/01/1835, from Freshfield & sons, referring to the awards made in each of St Kitts claim nos. 206, 336 and 724, stating, 'Mr Bosanquet has never acted in these trusts and by indenture dated 26 December 1835 now produced has disclaimed wholly the Trust.'


T71/1224: Manning & Anderdon seized and possessed of Mornes, 31/3/1831 assigned Mornes to John Bernard Bosanquet, Alexander Baring & Jeremiah Harman, Sir Edward Hyde East and John Pearse (and Chas. Bosanquet and James William Freshfield as 5th party ) in trust subject to redemption or payment by the said firm of Manning & Anderdon to each of the Alexander Baring, Jeremiah Harman, Edward Hyde East and John Pearse of £5000 each secured by certain bills of exchange and bonds. [There appears no mention of Sir John Bernard Bosanquet except as 2nd party to the 31/3/1831 indenture]. £20,000 was still owed when Manning & Anderdon collapsed. Amounts owing to Sir Edward Hyde East and Jeremiah Harman 'have become vested in the Bank of England'.


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