St Lucia 500 (Bath)

5th Mar 1838 | 15 Enslaved | £318 10s 5d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers. See T71/884 and T71/1244.

The original counterclaim forms give a history of the ownership of the estate. It was in 1834 owned by "The heirs absent or unknown of the late John Myers deceased in this Colony assigned at the residence of the King's Attorney General To Mr Clairfond Duboulay in name and as administrator of the Vacant Succession of the late John Myers."

10/10/1800, Mr Jean Francois Guignon, Planter, in the quarter of Choiseuil, sold to Mr Pierre Modeste Zenon Leverrier and Mathusin Leverrier Bergopzoom, Brothers, Planters in the quarter of Soufriere, a coffee plantation called Bat, situated in the Valley of L'EEtang Mahanet together with its dependencies and fifteen slaves of all ages and all sexes which were attached to it. Part of the estate was already mortgaged before this sale.

02/09/1824, Mr Mathurin Leverrier Bergopzoon sold the estate to John Myers.

We are grateful to Dey Myers for her assistance in compiling this entry.

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