St Vincent 503 (Upper Diamond)

20th Mar 1837 | 89 Enslaved | £996 3s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 322. T71/892 Claim by Charlotte A.A. Bolton, owner-in-fee by attorney.


Counterclaims from (1) Richard Worthington Roberts, of Portland St, Oxford St, London, as tenant for life of one-third (2) John Wilson of Devonshire Street, Portland Place, London, as trustee on behalf of Mrs Prince under marriage settlement - due in respect of annuity £1000 (3) James Neil of Pall Mall, London for a debt and bill of exchange £334 1s 3d (4) Thomas Prince and Elizabeth his wife of 6 Blandford Place, London and John Wilson of Devonshire Street, London, for one undivided half share (5) Warner Ottley of York Terrace, Regents Park, London, lien as trustee the amount of costs charges and expenses incurred by the said W. Ottley as trustee.


Howards got was awarded compensation for 46 enslaved persons, the award for other 53 (£1466 11s 8d) paid into Court of Chancery in the cause Prince v Howard.


T71/1592: Frank Howard of Dorking in correspondence on this claim.


T71/1593 p. 310: letter to Frank Howard dated 28/10/1836 at 27 Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square, London.


T71/1610: letter dated 14/01/1836 from A. Gordon on behalf of James Neil of Pall Mall: James Neil's counterclaim was based on a Bill of Exchange drawn by one J. Grant, attorney of Lady Bolton who is the owner of the Estate: counterclaim withdrawn when bill supposed lost, now found, money for which bill was drawn was used for Diamond Estate and therefore constituted a lien, and James Neil wished to reinstate his counterclaim.


Frank Howard wrote from Sittingbourne on his way to Dover in 1835 asking for details of the counterclaim, and asked if John Wilson counterclaim had been withdrawn, 'the annuity has been long since paid and I wrote to Mr Wilson to withdraw the counterclaim'.


House of Lords Journal vol. 62, 28/4/1830: Wallis's Divorce Bill: act to dissolve marriage of Thomas Wallis Esq with Charlotte Augusta Amelia, [daughter of Lady Bolton] on grounds of adultery in 1828 with Thos Birkett.


T71/1594 letter dated 20/3/1837 to Francis Reynard 9 Davies St, Berkeley Square, London and 22/3/1837 to Richard Nation Esq., 23 Somerset Street, Portman Square, London, saying there was no basis for an award into Chancery on this claim, they should go to Privy Council witin 14 days.


T71/500 p 96: enslaved persons registered to Charlotte Augusta Amelia Bolton by Alex Durrie in 1834.

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St Vincent
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Upper Diamond

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