St Vincent 481A-C (Sans Souci)

15th Feb 1836 | 245 Enslaved | £6418 15s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 155.

Award split. 481A: £3196 5s 9d to Robert Robertson. 481B: £3196 5s 9d to Alexander McBarnet. 481C: £26 3s 11d to F.D. Brown [sic]. Counterclaim from Francis Brown Douglas, City of Edinburgh as owner-in-fee of one enslaved person and as assignee of a mortgage for £8400 plus interest. Counterclaim also from a group of trustees led by Robert Glasgow (late Robertson).

T71/500 p. 51: enslaved persons registered for Robert Robertson and Alexander McBarnet by Wm Gillespie in 1834.

See also St Vincent claim no. 466 and St Elizabeth claim no. 579.

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St Vincent
Claim No.
Sans Souci
Collected by
Milne, AG of CCampbell, MnutterC, HBrown & AGM

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