Trinidad 1662A & B (Sevilla Estate)

14th Jul 1836 | 156 Enslaved | £7173 18s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 324.


Award split. 1662A: £3586 19s 1d to Montgomerie, Lang, Blair, Ronald, Eccles on 14/07/1836. 1662B £3586 19s 1d to McCaul & Stedman on 31/07/1837. Claim by Robert Montgomerie and G.G. Macdougall, owners-in-fee.


Counterclaim from Robt and Wm Eccles (who agreed to paying out to Robert Montgomerie and G.G. Macdougall's representatives).

Counterclaim from J.G. McCaul and Wm Stedman of St Croix, executors of Cosmo Gordon, mortgagees of a moiety.


T71/519 p. 2377: enslaved persons registered in 1834 by Duncan McBean as manager for Robert Montgomerie and the heirs of Geo. Gordon.


T71/1275: single folded sheet headed  G.G. Macdougall to Robert Eccles & Co., details account between  G.G. Macdougall and Robert Eccles & Co., totalling £4026 18s 2d owed by  G.G. Macdougall to Robert Eccles & Co.

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1662A & B
Sevilla Estate

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Deceased claimant successful (Owner-in-fee)
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