Barbados 3223 (Dayrells)

23rd May 1836 | 94 Enslaved | £1978 16s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 189.

T71/898: claim from Wm H. Prescod, as owner for life, by J.G. Goding. William Hinds and  J.G. Goding, of Speights Town, Barbados, were trustees to preserve contingent remainder under the will of Wm Prescod, dated 12/05/1824. (Glenn Phillips gives 12/05/1814).

T71/555 p. 242: enslaved persons were registered for Dayrells and Searles by J.G. Goding, as the property of Wm H. Prescod, to whom he is attorney.

T71/1593 p. 145: letter, dated 19/03/1836, to Wm Prescod, Alston Lawn, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, stating: counterclaims have been entered by trustees; unless you agree amongst yourselves to the awards being in joint names or trustees only, the money will be invested and the interest paid to you in your lifetime.

T71/1593 p. 264: letter, dated 09/09/1836, to Wm H. Prescod, stating: the compensation was claimed by William Hinds and J.G. Goding, as trustees under the will of Wm H. Prescod; there was no counterclaim, so the award was made to them as trustees. 'The Board is not authorised to give any direction where  a Trust has already been created and the Trustees are in the exercise of the duty they have undertaken.'

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