Barbados 2771 (Three Houses)

5th Jul 1838 | 274 Enslaved | £5623 16s 10d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/897: claim by Miles Brathwaite (T71/1306 shows him as tenant for life). Counterclaim by Richard Deane, as executor of John Higginson. George Barton Irlam and Jonathan Higginson were trustees for the claim.


T71/1611: letter, dated 20/01/1840, from Jonathan Dunn, of Trinidad : Mrs Josephus Dunn, my attorney, preferred counterclaim versus Rev John Brathwaite in 1835 - what happened? [nb this might refer to his claim for Mt Harmony or Stewart Hill, Barbados no. 4228].


T71/556 p. 12: enslaved persons were registered by Cheesman Brathwaite in 1834 for Miles Brathwaite, an invalid.


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Three Houses

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Unsuccessful claimant (Tenant-for-life)
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Awardee (Trustee)

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