British Guiana 2426 (Walton Hall)

11th Jan 1836 | 300 Enslaved | £16283 6s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 133.

T71/887: claim by John Lane, for the executor and executrix of Benjamin Kingston. Margaret Saunders counterclaimed as the administratrix of John Saunders, the mortgagee, dated 07/03/1820. £20,680 of mortgage and £14769 4s 5d on account current to 30th April.  

T71/433 p. 1941: G. Parry registered as attorney for 316 enslaved persons. No ownership information is given.

See British Guiana claim no. 2336 for Charles Waterton as heir.

Walter Rodney (ed.), Guyanese Sugar Plantations in the late Nineteenth Century: a contemporary description from the Argosy (Georgetown, Release Publishers, 1979), footnote 37 p. 88: Charles Waterton's father purchased Walton Hall just before Charles Waterton arrived in British Guiana in 1805. The family were of Walton Hall in Yorkshire. Waterton's uncle owned La Jalousie and Fellowship estates.  


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Walton Hall

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