British Guiana 378A&B&C (Philadelphia)

11th Dec 1837 | 187 Enslaved | £9979 10s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

The award was split -

378A: Paterson received £2725 14s 0d.

378B: Lowenfeld & Briant received £4585 9s 7d.

378C: Lowenfeld, Baillie & Crawford received £2668 6s 8d.

T71/885: claim by Wolfert Katz. Counterclaim from Mary Paterson, as the executrix of John Paterson, by virtue of a mortgage dated 20/07/1818, for £239[0?] 13s 4d. Counterclaim from Mrs Welchman, under contract of bargain and sale dated 02/08/1820. Received on 07/01/1837 a 'Memorial of Henry Welchman Husband of Ellen Welchman stating that his wife had executed a power of attorney without his knowledge or consent and praying the award may be stayed.' Lowenfeld & Briant were executors of W. Katz. G.G. Lowenfeld, Alex. Baillie and C.D. Kerr (here erroneously given as Davison Kerr Crawford) were acting as trustees for Ellen Welchman [sse below].  

T71/1610: letter, dated 08/12/1835, from Henry Welchman, asking for the total compensation due to 'my father-in-law' Wolfert Katz to enable his family to judge and settle his affairs.

T71/1593: letter, dated 08/12/1835, to Henry Welchman, 49 Brownlow St., Holborn, referring to the amounts of compensation.

T71/1254: counterclaim by Mrs Welchman (late Ellen Jeffrey born Katz). G.G. Lowenfeld, Alex. Baillie and 'Davison Kerr Crawford' were trustees for Ellen Welchman and her children by her first marriage. Counterclaim of Mary Paterson shows her as of Largs in the county of Ayr, Scotland.

Files include replication numbered 378 versus Baring Bros.

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