British Guiana 608A & B (Broom Hall)

21st Dec 1835 | 198 Enslaved | £9875 5s 8d

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Claim Notes

Parliamentary Papers p. 121.


608A: £8464 10s 7d went to John Bond.


608B: £1410 15s 1d went to Salisbury & Wilson.


T71/885: claim by John Bond, for himself and as representative of the heirs of J. [possibly = T, in light of below] Rawlinson and J. Proctor.


T71/429 p. 26: enslaved persons were registered by Wm. Booker in 1832, for the heirs of Thomas Rawlinson, John Bond and J. Proctor.


Broom Hall estate was a cotton plantation.

Further Information

British Guiana
Claim No.
608A & B
Broom Hall
Collected by
Bond, Edward of JB and EB

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