British Guiana 2 (Adelphi)

26th May 1837 | 101 Enslaved | £5555 10s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319. Awarded to the estate of Wm. Kewley, deceased.

T71/885: claim by Duncan Fraser and John Alves, as curators acting under Court to the estate of Wm. Kewley (deceased). Counterclaim the from executor and executrix of Isaac Farley, under sale of 02/11/1829 between Isaac Farley and Wm. Kewley, of plantation Adelphi cum annexis and enslaved persons. Counterclaim also from 'John Alves Berbice attorney of' (deleted) Charles Sweetinburg, mortgagee for £12000 and interest, dated 23/09/1818.  

T71/1594 p. 97: letter, dated 17/07/1837, to C. Sweetenburg, Margate, referring to this claim going into the colonial court.  

T71/1610: letter, dated 28/11/1835, from Charles Sweetingburg, 10 Great St Helens, stating: 'I have several times come to your office'; 'I am the only mortgagee so how can there be another claim?'

Letter, dated 21/12/1835, from Charles Sweetingburg, 10 Great St Helens, stating: the counterclaim for £1284 13s 4d due to the heirs of a late proprietor should not have been brought as a counterclaim but by an action against the executors of the late Mr Kewley, who purchased the estate. I am the mortgagee, and it is 'but justice to pay me the balance even if you retain the £1284 13s 4d until a stettlement takes place in the colony, particularly as these monies were to retire certain Bills falling due in a short time'.

Letter, dated 15/07/1837, from Charles Sweetingburg, Margate, stating: I came to town in response to an advertisement on this award, on 06/07/1837, to be told the hearing only concerned the claim by the Farley relations: 'It is now nearly 3 years since the printed paper was first put into my hands at your office respecting my Claim for Compensation.' (A handwritten note on the reverse shows the payment to the colonial court: 'How much?', '£5555 10s 9d.').

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