British Guiana 2536A-C

9th May 1836 | 62 Enslaved | £8627 3s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 134.


2536A: £4313 11s 9d went to Albert Thierens.


2536B: £1078 7s 11d went to Thomas Teschemaker.


2536C: £3235 3s 9d went to the Eccles group (of 4), dated 07/08/1837.  

NB the number of enslaved people does not correspond with the total compensation paid, and must represent only one of the sub-awards, probably 2536C.


T71/887: Albert Thierens and Thomas Teschemaker were executors of J. C. Thierens. The Eccles, all of Glasgow, merchants, were trustees for two young Thierens. Teschemaker had married the widow of J.C. Thierens.

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British Guiana
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Eccles, Geo (A&B)

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