Patrick Cruikshank

Partnership Role

Patrick Cruikshank
Senior partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Partnership of Patrick Cruikshank, John Melville, Robert Ramsay  and William Fauntleroy Street, of No. 13 Austin Friars, trading under the firm Cruikshank Melville and Co., dissolved 31/12/1843 as far as concerns Robert Ramsay, dated this 6th day of April 1844

  2. Cruikshank Melville East & West India and NSW merchants, started 1840.

Partners Patrick Cruikshank, John Melville, William Fauntleroy Street of Austin Friars.

Capital of £31,204 2s 9d; by 1841, capital = £55,364 15s 9d.  Jan 1 1845 b/s showed £36,315 15s 1d in equity.

Stopped 1845

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 20582 10/3/1846 p. 922

  2. D. Morier Evans: History of the Commercial Crisis 1857-58 Appendix: suspensions