Samuel Boddington

Partnership Role

Boddington & Co.
Senior partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Signed 27th March 1794: retirement of Thomas Boddington, substitution of his son Benjamin Boddington 21/3/1794: partnership continues with Samuel Boddington, Benj. Boddington and Thomas Bettesworth


  1. Richard 'Conversation' Sharp (1759-30 March 1835) joined Samuel Boddington and George (later Sir George) Philips (24 March 1766-3 October 1847) c. 1798


  1. Dissolution 1/51886 of partnership as West Indian and General Merchants between Alan Lambert, Ernest Luxmoore Marshall and Sir John Alexander Hanham bart., under the style or firm of Boddington & Co., at 9 St Helens Place: carried on by Marshall and Hanham


  1. Dissolution 1/5/1889 of partnership of Ernest Luxmoore Marshall and Sir John Alexander Hanham, at 9 St Helens Place as Boddington and Co.,  carried on by Marshall   


  1. [Apparently unconnected: Samuel Boddington & Sons under Members' Voluntary Liquidation 1937-1938 in Birmingham (EGM chaired by Leonard W Boddington)  (but nb also death of Samuel Boddington late of the Chase Widney Manor Warks 17/1/1937, exors include Leonard W Boddington; this was characterised as a firm of Woollen Merchants in 1903). Samuel Boddington & Sons (1938) Limited on list of companies to be struck off the register and dissolved unless cause shown to the contrary, and was so struck off and dissolved under section 353 (5) of 1948 Companies Act]    

Firm Sources

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  1. For Richard Sharp see entry by David Knapman in Oxford DNB (where it is noted that 'as a partner in the West India firm of Boddington, Philips, Sharp & Co., he prospered to become one of London's most prominent merchants').


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