John Kingston of Copthall Chambers

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John Kingston & Co.

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Firm Notes

  1. John Kingston failed on 8th February [1848], liquidated by a process of inspection.   Assets included £57,093 13s 7d WI property and mortgages (estimated to realise £32,030 6s 5d); John Kingston's personal property was stated at £72, 850  13s 2d (estimated to realise £42,622 9s 8d).  Liabilities shown p. 54 as £25,245 only.

  2. London Gazette 18435 8/11/1836 p.1962 shows John Kingston of George St Hanover Square having died owning an undivided half of Clairmont estate BG.  John Kingston of Copthall Court shown as party to a lawsuit v. John Kingston's estate, together with Edward Egan, executor of Robert Kingston (formerly of Demerary and afterwards of London).  BG estates being sold, details at John Kingston & Co. Lime St Sq (e.g. LG 21094 10/5/1850 p. 1370);[ 6] Crosby Square (e.g. LG 21180 11/2/1851 p. 347).   

Firm Sources

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  2. London Gazette 18435 8/11/1836 p.1962