Rt. Hon. Edward Ellice

Firm Investment

Ellice Kinnear

General overseas merchant (Colonial - Canada)


Extensive economic interests in North American, and especially Candian, fur trade, shipping and other merchanting activities. Promoted these through his political activities. For a good survey (and a much better one than is in the Oxford DNB), see Colthart.


James M. Colthart, 'Edward Ellice', in Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online (Toronto, University of Toronto, 2000), ch. vol. IX, 1861-1870. [Has extensive bibliographical notes]; see also entry in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Firm Notes

Edward Ellice was earlier a partner in Inglis Ellice (q.v.) from which he withdrew before its collapse

  1. Partnership of E and R Ellice and Co., dissolved as far as it concerns Edward Ellice, business carried on as Ellice Kinnear by Russell Ellice, George Forsyth and Geo. Kinnear, 22/11/1830.

  2. Partnership between Russell Ellice, George Kinnear, George Forsyth, William Ellice and Robert Ellice dissolved as far as Robert Ellice concerned, 1844.

  3. Partnership between Russell Ellice, George Kinnear, George Forsyth and William Ellice, carrying on business in Leadenhall Street as merchants under name of Ellice, Kinnear dissolved 31/12/1853.

Firm Sources

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