William Dimsdale Child

Partnership Role

Bond & Pearse
Name partner

General overseas merchant?


1.William Dimsdale Child described himself in 1843 as one of the assignees of Messrs Whitmore & Co. 'I was likewise a partner in the firm of Bond and Co., which is now dissolved, but I am still carryin gon the business, to wind up the affairs - there are other partners - the house, 8, Finsbury-place South is our property.'

  1.  Bond, Pearse & Child dissolved 1843 by John N[elson] Bond, Henry Pearse and William Dimsdale Child.


  1. Proceedings of the Old Bailey t18431127-38

  2. London Gazette 20220 p. 6 2/5/1843.

Firm Notes

  1. 'The London factors were the firm styled in 1779 Robert, Robert and Ebenezer Maitland. Its name underwent many changes: e.g. Ebenezer and John Maitland and John Ede; Maitlands, Ede and Bond; and finally Ede and Bond.'

  2. Retirement of Alexander Maitland from Trade, continuation by Ebenezer Maitland, John Ede and John Bond under the firm of Maitland, Ede and Bond, 1807  

  3. Retirement of Ebenezer Maitland, business continued by John Ede and John Bond 1811.  


  1. Dissolution of partnership of John Ede and John Bond as West India merchants at 8 Finsbury Place South as Ede and Bond, to be continued as Ede, Bond and Pearse with John Ede, John Bond the younger and Henry Pearse 30/4/1823.

  2. Dissolution of partnership of John Ede, John Bond the younger and Henry Pearse as far as John Ede is concerned, business to be continued by John Bond the younger and Henry Pearse, 01/01/1833.  

  3. Dissolution of partnership between Henry Pearse, William Dimsdale Child of London, and Wellwood Maxwell Anderson and Edward Thompson of Jamaica carrying  on business together as Merchants, Factors and Agents in the City of London under the firm of Pearse, Child & Co., and in Kingston, Jamaica under the firm of W. M. Anderson and Co. 30/6/1842.


  1. Dissolution of Bond, Pearse & Child by John N. Bond, Henry Pearse and William Dimsdale Child 1843


  1. Dissolution of co-partnership between Henry Pearse and William Dimsdale Child in Finsbury Place as merchants 12/6/1854


  1. Bankruptcy of Henry Pearse of Digswell House Welwyn Herts merchant and of No. 8 [= No. 6] Finsbury Place South 17/6/1854

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