Lestock Peach Wilson

Partnership Role

Palmer, McKillop, Dent & Co.
Other partner

East India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of the partnership as merchants between William Palmer, Lestock Wilson, George Palmer, John Horsley Palmer, and Lestock Peach Wilson so far as concerns William Palmer and Lestock Wilson 30/06/1816.

  2. Dissolution 31/12/1842 by undersigned in London under firm of Palmers, Mackillop, Dent and Co. So far as concerns George Palmer and George Palmer jun. G. Palmer, J.Horsley Palmer, J. Mackillop, Tho. Dent, L.P.Wilson, G.Palmer jun. Edwd Howley Palmer.

 3. Dissolution as far as regards Wilkinson Dent 31/12/1844, J. Horsley Palmer, J. Mackillop, Tho. Dent, L.P.Wilson, J.R.Reeves, Edward Howley Palmer continue.

  1. 1858 retirement of J. Horsley Palmer and James Mackillop, leaving Thos. Dent, Edward Howley Palmer, John Russell Reeves and Lestock Peach Wilson to continue 31/12/1857

Firm Sources

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