William Harrison

Partnership Role

William Peatt Litt & Steele
Other partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Termination of partnership of John Burke and William Peatt Litt under the firm of John Burke and Co., 30/4/1814: to be carried on under the firm of William Peatt Litt and Steele (signed by WPL and Richard Steele). 

  2. Commisson of Bankruptcy versus William Peatt Litt, John Joseph Harrison and William Harrison [21/6/1831], the latter's certificate to be allowed and confirmed 9/9/1831.

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 16912 28/6/1814 p. 1325 

  2. London Gazette 19846 14/4/1840 p. 982; 18838 19/8/1831 p. 1699