John Watson

Partnership Role

Hawthorn & Shedden
Other partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. ICS Wemyss Papers show switch of consigneeship 1824 from bankrupt Mathison Jenkins & Company to David Lyon & Co., where one of the partners John Watson was a personal friend. When David Lyon retired, Watson continued on his own, and his assistant Robert Hawthorn appears eventually to have set up Hawthorn & Shedden.


  1. Hawthorn & Shedden forced sale of (a) Haughton Hall and Burnt Ground Pen in 1847 as a result of Hawthorn v James and (b) 1865-6 of the Clarke family estates, when they are transferred to R. Hawthorn, Wm Hawthorn and William Bryce Watson. William Bryce Watson = 1821-1878 buried St Andrew Hove, Sussex


  1. Partnership of Rob. Hawthorn and William G. Shedden dissolved 30/4/1862 by mutual consent


  1. Retirement of William Hawthorn from Hawthorn, Shedden and Co., West India merchants of 3 Savage Gardens, coninued by James Kenyon Hawthorn 18/1/1892


  1. Bankruptcy of James Kenyon Hawthorn, trading as Hawthorn, Shedden & Co 3 Savage Gardens and residing at Glenholme, Leigham Court Road Streatham, West India Merchant First Meeting  July 16 1895



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