Samuel Bosanquet III

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Bosanquet Anderdon & Co.
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  1. Price shows that there was a network of interconnections between the Bosanquet family banking interests and others, including banking in London and Staffordshire, over the period 1770-1870:

Bosanquet and Co.:

1770-1780: Bowles, Beachcroft and Reeves formed between 1770 and 1780

By 1796: Bowles, Beachcroft, Brown, Reeves, Collins and Co. of 18, Exchange Alley, Cornhill.

c. 1800: Samuel Bosanquet, until then a partner with Messrs. Foster, Lubbock and Co., left that firm and entered into partnership with Beachcroft and Reeves, formerly partners in Bowles, Beachcroft and Co.

1801: appear as Bosanquet, Beachcroft and Reeves, at No. 73, Lombard Street.

1801: separate firm of Messrs. Bowles, Brown, Ogden, Cobb and Co., from which Beachcroft and Reeves seceded, underwent another change that year:

1801: Messrs. Bowles, Brown [Browne], Ogden, Cobb and Stokes at 67, Lombard Street

1802: another dissolution: Bowles and Ogden left the firm to start a fresh concern: Messrs. Bowles, Brickwood, Ogden and Wyndham at 11, Lombard Street. (In 1808 this became Messrs. Brickwood, Morgan and Starkey, who ceased to exist after 1810.)

Browne, Cobb and Stokes continued the business in the same premises, i.e., 67, Lombard Street, and afterwards in No. 66, until 1816; after which date they cannot be further traced.

1810: firm of Bosanquet, Beachcroft and Reeves became Bosanquet, Beachcroft, Pitt and Anderdon.

1817: became Bosanquet, Pitt, Anderdon and Franks.

1822: James Whatman Bosanquet joined the firm.

1843: Samuel Bosanquet died

1845: William Godfrey Whatman joined the firm, and shortly afterwards Mr. John Harman.

1867: Mr. Franks retired; the firm amalgamated with the old Staffordshire Bank of Messrs. Stevenson, Salt and Co., and the style became Bosanquet, Salt, Whatman, Harman, Salt and Bosanquet. [NB London Gazette 22928 10/1/1865 p. 145 indicates Franks retired in January 1865]


Stevenson, Salt and Co. estab. by Mr. William Stevenson at 85, Queen Street, Cheapside, in 1788 ; and about 1799 he moved to 80, Lombard Street. From 1801 to 1818 they were known as Messrs. Stevenson and Salt, when they moved to No. 20, Lombard Street. In 1839 the firm became Stevenson, Salt and Sons; and on the 1st June, 1867, they amalgamated with Messrs. Bosanquet and Co.

For more on Stevenson, Salt and Sons see Price.

The firm’s partners at 1870 were James Whatman Bosanquet, Thomas Salt MP, John Harman, John Charles Salt, Bernard Tindal Bosanquet and George Dunbar Whatman.


  1. 30 June 1836 Samuel Bosanquet retired, leaving James Hughes Anderdon, Charles Franks and James Whatman Bosanquet to continue; James Hughes Anderdon retired 30 June 1843 [Franks and JWBosanquet contine]



Firm Sources

  1. Frederick George Hilton Price, Handbook of London Bankers: with some account of their predecessors the early goldsmiths ([1870]; repr. 1970), pp. 16-19 & 20 (entries on Bosanquet and Brown, Cobb & Co.).


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