Francis Henry Mitchell

Partnership Role

J. J. Cordes

Ironworks (Iron & Steel)


Although it is hard to track, it appears that Francis Henry Mitchell invested at least £15,000 in the Cordes business of which he was a partner 1841-1883.


Firm Notes

  1. Nail-making firm at the Dos Works, Newport. Firm first established c. 1840 by John James Cordes and Henry Ewbank with £10,000 funding from T.B Oldfield of London.

  2. Partnership of J.J. Cordes & Co. as nail, rivet and spike merchants and manufacturers carried on at the Dos Works Newport dissolved 31/03/1883 as far as concerns Francis Henry Mitchell and Robert William Hamilton, and carried on as limited company. One of the continuing partners was Frank Johnstone Mitchell, the son of Francis Henry Mitchell.

Firm Sources

  1. Deeds relating to Cordes (Dos) Works, Newport Gwent Archives, GB 0218.D372

  2. London Gazette 25289 20/11/1883 p. 5586.

Further Information

Partner Share
12.5 per cent initially
Share Amount
£ 15000