Andrew Bogle

Partnership Role

Bogle & Co.

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of late house of Bogle Jopp & Co., of Jamaica with assignment by Keith Jopp of his share of property and debts, and continuation by Robert Bogle jun., Andrew Bogle and George Moir as Bogles and Moir, 1806

  2. Retirement of Rob. Bogle from Bogles and Co., leaving Andrew Bogle, Allan Jas. Bogle and Rob. Hamilton, 1812.

  3. 'Bogle & Co. of Kingston Jamaica went bankrupt between 1821 and 1824, although its parent company in Glasgow survived.'

Firm Sources

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  3. Anthony Cooke, 'An elite revisited: Glasgow West india merchants, 1783-1877', Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 32.2 2012 pp. 127-165, at p. 130.